This is a story that had to be told...

When Texas Mayor Edward Smith III was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he decided to forego conventional treatment in favor of a whole foods plant-based diet. The results were nothing short of miraculous: his cancer disappeared.

Only the beginning

After his recovery, Mayor Smith and his wife Amanda embarked on a mission to help their town and community adopt a healthier lifestyle based on plant foods. 

The transformation wasn't without obstacles and challenges. But Ed and Amanda persevered to achieve results that would make a big difference in other people's lives. Soon a growing number of citizens were on the bandwagon dropping their meat and dairy based past for a plant-based lifestyle. The results were off the charts.

A lifetime without medication

The amazing thing is that the citizens of Marshall did this all by choosing foods that worked with their bodies to create health instead of just continually treating the symptoms with a never ending stream of more and more drugs.

They are living proof that most of today's chronic diseases can be prevented--and some even reversed--without using any drugs.

People have been conditioned to believe that as we age, being reliant on prescription drugs and medical treatments is normal. Well, it's not normal. THE MARSHALL PLAN will with no doubt help redefine what is considered healthy. But above all, the movie carries a truly inspiring message: We all can take our health in our own hands by making choices that have a profound impact on our own health.

 If changes this big are possible in the heart of Texas cattle country, they are possible everywhere!